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Financial Wellness

This involves the ability to have enough money to meet practical needs and a sense of control over and knowledge about personal finances.

Financial Wellness helps you recognize what triggers spending, how using credit leads to debt, and ways to cope with challenging feelings about money. You can learn to set attainable financial goals to increase sense of control over personal finances.  


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Many free smartphone apps are funded through advertisements or require payment to access certain features, so check app reviews before downloading.  Be cautious when using or signing up for web-based apps, especially if they require you to register.  You can learn more about security when using apps from the U. S. Federal Trade Commission:

While we list online resources and smartphone apps, we recognize that websites often change and move and that smartphone apps come and go. If a link doesn’t work, try a search using the title.  We do not endorse any of the websites or apps listed—they are suggestions for beginning your search for what works for you.  We do not accept any funding or other support from any of the resources listed.