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CAS Research

Translational science is the focus of CAS laboratories.

Human experimental studies focus on the role of body-brain communication in the development, consequences, and treatment of alcohol and other drug use disorders using psychophysiology, brain imaging, and computational modeling. Longitudinal and daily survey research examine patterns, predictors and consequences of substance use over the life course. Cross-sectional and experimental studies address racial/ethnic disparities in the biopsychosocial mechanisms underlying tobacco and cannabis use disorders. Genetic studies examine the molecular and genetic bases of complex brain disorders, including genetic predisposition for alcoholism and drug abuse. Integrative data analytic approaches are used to study which treatments for co-occurring traumatic stress and SUD are most effective and for whom.

CAS investigators collaborate with leading researchers across Rutgers and other leading US universities. These collaborations allow alcohol and other drug misuse research to intersect with other key translational health domains, broadening university impact in the field of addiction science. CAS researchers also provide expert insight on alcohol and other substance use topics for the public through local, national, and international media outlets, such as The Daily Targum, Rutgers Today, Rutgers Magazine, The Star Ledger, Asbury Park Press, Science Daily, Chicago Tribune, CNN, TIME, CBS News, USA Today, Business Insider, Huffington Post, NJTV, U.S. News and World Report, and The Wall Street Journal.