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The Wellness Training Learning Collaborative (W-TLC) is designed to support the wellness of the healthcare workforce. Please join our training and learning collaborative sessions and/or access the Virtual Toolbox that includes peer support, individual and organizational strategies and resources.

Take the Wellness Inventory Quiz

The Wellness in 8 D Inventory will help you think about what you are doing now in terms of your habits, your typical day and week. This inventory gives you a way of thinking about what you are doing, and how you are feeling in general during the past 30 days. Answer each item in a way that best captures how often the statement is true for you.

Wellness Support

Register for the Wellness Training Learning Collaborative sessions September 2022-January 2023!

Download the session descriptions

Journey to Wellness Guide

This Journey to Wellness Guide will help you find new ideas to use to begin or continue on your personal journey.


Wellness Resources

Whether you are a person in recovery, a family member or a peer professional, you can find helpful resources here.