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Welcome to the Social Health, Addiction & Relationship Processes (SHARP) Lab. Led by Dr. Angelo M. DiBello. We are an applied social-psychology research lab dedicated to studying questions at the intersection of social and clinical psychology.

Our lab, guided by social psychological theory, pursues questions concerning health and addictive behaviors. Specifically, we focus on key behavioral outcomes of alcohol use, drug abuse, and sexual health.

Research Aim(s)

  • ‚ÄčIdentify mechanisms underlying alcohol use and related problems 
  • Develop theoretically informed prevention/interventions aimed to reduce high-risk alcohol use and associated problems
  • Identify predictors and moderators of treatment efficacy among individuals who meet criteria for high-risk alcohol use and related problems

Active Research Projects

Project SHARE (Launched Fall 2021)
Project SHARE is a norms-documentation study aimed at collecting data on a broad battery of health information on Rutgers students. We seek to understand how Rutgers University students spend their recreational time and how students expect their peers/community to spend their time.

Project AWE (Launched Fall 2021).
Project AWE is a writing based health behaviors study that aims to understand motivations for different behaviors among Rutgers students. Participation in this study requires one 45-minute in-lab session (at Smithers Hall) and one online (remote) follow-up survey.

Project ACE (Ongoing)
We are studying student health behaviors at Brooklyn College. Participation in this study requires one 45-minute, remote session with a research assistant and two online follow-up surveys. 


Core Faculty:
Angelo M. DiBello, Ph.D.

Affiliated Collaborators:
Samantha G. Farris, Ph.D. (https://psych.rutgers.edu/rehab-lab/home)

Kate B. Carey, Ph.D. (https://vivo.brown.edu/display/kc11)

Clayton Neighbors, Ph.D. (https://www.uh.edu/class/psychology/social-psych/research/social-influences/)

Mary Beth Miller, Ph.D. (https://psychology.missouri.edu/people/miller-1)

Jennifer E. Merrill, Ph.D. (https://vivo.brown.edu/display/jm114)

Chelise M. Young Ph.D.

Lindsey M. Rodriguez, Ph.D. (https://spcampus.usf.edu/healthy-emotions-and-relationship-theories-laboratory/)