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Peer Support Providers

Peer support is the process of offering assistance to achieve long-term recovery.

Peer support providers are people with a personal experience of recovery from mental health, substance use, or trauma conditions who receive specialized training and supervision to guide and support others who are experiencing similar mental health, substance use or trauma issues toward increased wellness. They offer emotional support, share knowledge, provide practical assistance, and connect people with resources, opportunities, communities, and other people. Peer support providers offer a special source of support to help inspire hope and sustain long term recovery.

8 dimensions of Wellness

The wellness model focuses on a person’s strengths and potentials in multiple dimensions (physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, occupational, and financial) and recognizes the inter-related connections among the dimensions. Engagement in daily and weekly wellness habits and routines can influence overall wellness, balance and recovery.

  • Motivation is related to personal control, a focus on strengths, and wellness.
  • Building internal motivation is essential to create and sustain wellness habits.
  • Supporters are essential for building and sustaining health habits and routines.

A key focus is on wellness self-care habits and routines (sleep and rest, physical activity, accessing medical care and screenings, managing stress, decreasing or eliminating harmful substances, preventing or managing medical conditions, etc.). Self-care habits support other wellness dimensions for a full and satisfying life.

Wellness in 8 Dimensions & the Wellness Daily Plan



Physical or Occupational Wellness

Physical wellness for work

Physical or Emotional Wellness

Whole Health Action Manual

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness