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Wellness Self-Care

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Based on feedback and request we created resources, guides, and booklets that focus on wellness strengths and wellness self care. Feel free to use these resources and share. Let us know if these resources are useful for you and others. If there are additional resources, you would like us to develop contact swarbrma@rutgers.edu

Wellness Self-Care Resources

  • Habits for Good Mental Health

    Habits for Good Mental Health

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  • Daily Wellness Plan

    A plan to list the activities you want to do for overall wellness throughout the day

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  • Emotional Wellness

    Ability to express feelings, engage in enjoyable activities and adjust to daily stress

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  • Physical Wellness

    Reminder of the keystone habits to support physical wellness

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  • Wellness Self Care Occupational Cover

    Occupational Wellness

    Tips on how to plan activities that provide meaning and purpose

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  • Social Wellness

    Ways to create and sustain supportive relationships

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  • Financial Wellness

    Awareness of current and future financial situation

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  • Environmental Wellness

    Seek places and spaces that are safe, pleasant and either calming or stimulating as needed

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  • Spiritual Wellness

    Activities that enrich a sense of purpose and meaning each day

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  • Intellectual Wellness

    Activities that use creative abilities and expand knowledge

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  • Pause

    A short pause throughout the day can give you a new outlook

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  • Move

    Tips for making moving a habit

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  • Connect

    Connecting with others is so important for physical and emotional wellness

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  • Sleep

    Quality sleep refreshes the mind and body

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  • Nourish the Mind:

    Activities that provide emotional and intellectual enrichment

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  • Wellness Self Care Cover

    Wellness Self-Care Plan

    A helpful guide to reflect on important wellness habits

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  • Coping Tips

    Focus on self-care for overall wellness

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  • Yoga for undergraduate students

    The Value of Yoga for undergraduate students

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