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Wellness In Recovery (WinR)

The WinR Addiction Advocacy Research
Student Internship/Faculty Fellowship Program

The Rutgers Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies (CAS) is pleased to announce the WinR Addiction Advocacy Research Program, a student and faculty community-based participatory research internship/fellowship to support individuals and families who have been hardest hit by the colliding coronavirus, opioid and racial (COR) epidemics.

This program advances excellence through transformative ideas, policies, and services that will improve individual lives, families, and communities affected by the interrelated challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, the opioid crisis, and racial injustice and inequities, while advancing excellence through promoting diversity.

This project is an interdisciplinary partnership between current Rutgers faculty and students from underrepresented minoritized groups (URGs) from CAS Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology (GSAPP), School of Health Professionals, Social Work, Rutgers University Behavioral Health, and other schools with shared interests in community-based participatory research interested in collaborating with family supporters of people with substance use disorders.

The aim is to promote healing and ensure vibrant healthy communities, bringing important new perspectives into our Center.

Developing a sense of connection and a well developed support system.


Funded Student Internship Positions

For undergraduate and/or graduate students from URGs interested in addiction advocacy, research and policy work to support interdisciplinary mentorship, research training, and pilot project funding.


Funded Faculty Fellowship Positions

For faculty from URGs interested in community based participatory research for addiction advocacy and policy development to provide mentorship, interdisciplinary collaboration and new community connections, and research project funding.


Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Comprised of family supporters, individuals with lived experience, to guide research projects, as well as inform the design of psychoeducation and public education materials.


Annual Conference

Share work and inspire collective action to ensure sustained transformation for individuals and communities.