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World Heart Federation Stresses Alcohol Risks

The World Heart Federation (WHF) issued a policy brief on January 20, stating that, “The evidence is clear: Any level of alcohol consumption can lead to loss of healthy life.” Citing studies showing that alcohol use, even in small quantities, increases risks for heart disease. While WHF notes that some studies report contrary results, they describe those studies as “purely observational research” that does not merit the conclusion of a link between lower heart disease risks and moderate alcohol consumption.

The 14-page WHF policy brief, titled The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Cardiovascular Health: Myths and Measures, covers epidemiological data, the pathophysiology of alcohol use, cautions for specific groups, best practices for alcohol policies, and recommendations for advocacy.

The WHF policy brief has been criticized by other experts in the field of cardiovascular health, as reported by CNN and other news outlets.

The World Heart Federation is membership organization comprised of more than 200 heart foundations, scientific societies, and patient organizations in more than 100 countries. The stated vision of the WHF is “We believe every human being should have access to the information, care and treatment they need to keep their heart healthy, regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, education or income.”

Disclaimer: The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies.