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Wellness Tip of the Month

The American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout® takes place on the third Thursday in November – November 19, 2020.  This offers an opportunity to set a quit date to be successful. 

Here are some stories and strategies that can help.  

Nov. 16's Great American Smokeout: Opportunity for PLWH Who Smoke to Make a  Plan to Quit | HIV.gov

Quitting is Challenging but Possible!!

I was able to stop smoking a few years ago after smoking for 24 years, but it was not easy. I started smoking while I was in treatment. There wasn’t much else to do. Smoking filled the time. I experienced smoking as a calming activity. It soon became a habit to deal with stress. I started reading research and became better informed about the negative health impacts related to smoking. Shortly after realizing my personal health risks and the negative health impacts of smoking, I started my personal plan for change. I realized that I had a choice in changing my own lifestyle for the better. I developed my own wellness program. 

I started my plan on the Great American Smokeout day that year!  I was able to replace the time that I would have spent smoking with a meaningful activity such as walking, swimming, or typing pieces of my dissertation I was working on at that time. I also put money into a cup every time I had the urge to purchase a pack of cigarettes. I am now benefiting being smoke-free for over 16 years. My clothes and car no longer smell of cigarettes and I have more money in my wallet at the end of the month. The cost savings was a big motivator for me, and I am now more hopeful that my friends and family will not have to attend an untimely funeral…mine.