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New Wellness Self-Care Resources

The Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies has launched a new resource collection for supporting wellness self-care, as part of its expanding focus on wellness. An important part of our Wellness Self-Care program is developing and disseminating self-care tools and resources for use by diverse audiences, including people dealing with stress, mental health and substance use challenges, the healthcare workforce, family caregivers, and young adults. We are pleased to offer self-help tools and resources that can be used independently or with the guide of a peer, coach, or professional service provider. Wellness Self-Care includes the activities and practices we do on a regular basis to meet our wellness needs in the eight dimensions and manage stress. The new Wellness Self-Care Resources site provides free downloadable materials, including a Wellness Self-Care Plan to help build healthy habits across the eight dimensions of wellness: emotional, financial, social, spiritual, occupational, physical, intellectual, and environmental. To support developing the plan, tip sheets are available on each of the eight dimensions. A set of information sheets on simple self-care habits that are easy to incorporate into anyone’s schedule is also available. These new resources complement previously developed web-based wellness supports, such as the Wellness Inventory .and the Journal to Wellness guide. Bookmark our website and check back often, as we will be posting new materials throughout the year!