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Kahoot! Helping Teens Understand Overdose

The National Institutes of Health’s Kahoot! Program is aimed at helping teens engage with science and learn about health behaviors across a variety of topics. The NIDA division of NIH recently added a new Kahoot! series to help teens understand drug overdose. This program contains quizzes and quick facts about substance use, overdose risk, and prevention strategies. Teens can use this tool to learn about substance use treatment, effect use of Naloxone, and tips for preventing overdose.

These materials are a part of the larger Kahoot! Program where teens and educators can find resources on underage drinking, depression, lung health, health literacy, sleep, and a number of other topics.

To access the new overdose resources, follow this link: Know the Facts About Overdose – Details – Kahoot!

To learn more about Kahoot! and it’s other resources, follow this link: National Institutes of Health | Kahoot!