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Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs

Paul Candon

Now in its 82nd year, the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs—published by the Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies—continues its place as one of the top journals in the substance-abuse field. Below are some updates, highlights, and additional information about the journal:

            Website hits: In 2020, JSAD received more than 1 million pageviews (specifically 1,051,676, according to Google Analytics), the third year the journal has reached that milestone.

            Ads on JSAD.com: Ad space is available on the journal website, and with 1 million views, these get a wide reach in the field. If you have announcements or other promotions, please inquire about our placing them on the website.

            Article submission: We encourage all our researchers to consider submitting research articles to the journal, and please encourage your colleagues at other institutions to submit articles as well. The journal has a very quick turnaround time to first decision (you’ll receive notice in about 3–4 days regarding whether your article will go out for review). The average time from submission to acceptance is about 4 months. In addition, the journal is always seeking letters, editorials, and other opinion pieces—and these typically have a much quicker turnaround time.

            Also, the journal will soon launch its own blog—JSAD FastTakes—where researchers can publish updates, summaries, and opinions with an even faster turnaround. Authors will receive a DOI for FastTakes posts, making them “official” publications.

            Social media: JSAD has 1,480 Twitter followers and adds an average of 40 followers a month. We post approximately two to four times each business day, with posts not only about journal articles but also research from all over the field of alcohol and other drug use. If you’re on Twitter, we encourage you to follow us and retweet whatever posts interest you. If you’re not on Twitter, please consider creating an account and following the journal (@JSADJournal).

            Citation metrics: With 7,025 citations in the literature, the journal ranks 6th among 36 substance-abuse journals in total citations. JSAD’s current impact factor is 2.448, ranking it 16th among 36 journals (in the substance abuse/social sciences category).