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Families of Persons in Recovery

Addiction does not just affect one person, it affects everyone around them as well. These resources are for anyone who knows someone currently battling addiction, and for those whose loved ones are in recovery as well.









Community Reinforcement Approach and Family Training (CRAFT)

CRAFT is designed to help a family member or concerned significant other of a person with a substance use disorder who refuses treatment. CRAFT addresses three goals. The first is to engage the person in treatment. The second is to reduce the person’s substance use. The third is to improve the mood and functioning of the family member or concerned significant other. CRAFT is delivered over about 12 sessions. The family members and significant others participating in the program are trained to change their interactions with the person to discourage continued substance use and encourage treatment entry. Research on the program shows that it is effective in increasing treatment entry and decreasing substance use. Some studies also show positive effects on the mood and functioning of the family member or concerned significant other.

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