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Fact Sheet: Supports for People with Substance Use Challenges

The Research-to Policy Collaboration has released a fact sheet summarizing treatment, recovery, and harm reduction supports and interventions to support people with substance use disorders. This concise two-page summary lists a variety of effective approaches to reducing deaths from substance use and substance used disorders. Each example of a treatment model; of models for recovery, mutual support, and aftercare; and of harm reduction strategies includes links to sources of evidence for effectiveness. Strategies for improving access to these effective programs are listed as “considerations for policymakers,” with additional links.

This fact sheet is one example of bridging research and policy through providing research-based information to policymaker. Other information on substance use and misuse prepared by the Research-to Policy Collaboration is available on their website.

Source: Cioffi, C., et al. (2022, August). Support for people with substance use disorders: Treatment, recovery, & harm reduction. Park, PA: Penn State Social Science Research Institute. https://research2policy.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/SU-Treatment-Recovery-and-Harm-Reduction.pdf