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Dr. Mateo Leganes-Fonteneau receives grant

The Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies is excited to announce that Dr. Mateo Leganes-Fonteneau, Assistant Research Professor, Cardiac Neuroscience Laboratory, received grant funding to work with the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands and UCLouvain in Belgium. Beginning in September 2023, Dr. Leganes-Fonteneau will hold a four-year dual appointment at both universities.  The Marie Curie Fellowship project at the University of Amsterdam, titled ILiAd: Implicit Learning in Addiction, will examine reward and aversive learning effects driving positive and negative reinforcement in binge drinkers and AUD populations.  At UCLouvain, the Fond Scientifique de Recherche grant is named ISRA:  Interoceptive stress responses in alcohol use and addiction: a multidisciplinary approach in binge drinkers and people with severe alcohol use disorder.  

Dr. Mateo Leganes-Fonteneau