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Dr. Denise Hien Receives Award

Dr. Denise Hien, Vice Provost for Research, Chancellor-Provost’s Office, Rutgers-New Brunswick; CAS Center Director and Helen E. Chaney Endowed Chair in Alcohol Studies; Professor, Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, was awarded the Mary Jeanne Kreek Underserved Populations Award on June 20 at the College on Problems of Drug Dependence Conference in Denver, Colorado. Dr. Hien is the first to receive this recognition for her outstanding contributions to effective interventions for individuals with PTSD and substance use disorders. The award is named for Dr. Kreek, whose pioneering work fostered dignity and respect in the treatment of people with heroin addiction. Dr. Kreek was a long-time proponent of diversity, equity, and inclusion research—a focus shared by Dr. Hien, whose dedication to improving the lives of people is evident in her body of work. We congratulate Dr. Hien on this well-deserved honor!