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Designer Benzodiazepines and Sleep Disorders

In a recent letter to the editor, published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, Vinícius Dokkedal-Silv and colleagues examined the concurrent rise of two possibly related issues: increase in sleep disorders and the rise in use of designer benzodiazepines (DBZDs). The use of these DBZDs, which are controlled substances, has spread easily across the world, as they are often used to address sleep challenges. These sleep challenges are important to note: a rise in poor quality sleep across the world is of huge research interest, and creates a market for drugs like DBZDs that can offer some temporary relief. Many users develop a tolerance to the DBZDs and, over time, experience disruptions to their sleep architecture. The concurrent increases in sleep problems and the widespread consumption of DBZDs need further study to better understand the population of DBZD users and initiate measures to prevent additional increases in use and reduce associated risks.

Source: Dokkedal-Silv, V., Galduróz, J. C. F., Tufik, S., & Andersen, M. L. (2022). Designer benzodiazepines and sleep disorders: A rise of two interacting problems? Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 83(1), 162-163.

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