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CAS Poster Session

On Thursday, April 21, the Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies hosted a poster session, featuring the following:

Animal and Basic Experimental (Undergraduate)

Among Kudva Fiza presented a poster on Elevated ethanol intake in mice with altered Drd4 expression and self-pairing social interaction.

Clinical Qualitative & Quantitative

Sneha Varghese presented a poster on Pharmaco-Informatic Genetic of Alzheimer’s Disease: The role of oxidative stress.

Clinical Qualitative & Quantitative (Post-doctoral)

Julianne Price presented a poster on Identifying individuals best suited for neurocardiac interventions in substance use treatment.

Human Experimental (Undergraduate)

Zarif Ladak presented a poster on Family history and binge drinking may reduce sensitivity to alcohol.

Human Experimental (Graduate)

Jacqueline Smith presented a poster on Characterizing contextual factors associated with medial cannabis oil.

Human Experimental (Post-doctoral)

Kathryn Biernacki presented a poster on How do stress and cravings interact in opioid use disorder? Determining sensitization effects in the locus coeruleur-norepinephrive system in humans.


In addition, the John A. Carpenter Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Studies was presented to Aman Matthews for work on the topic A mouse model for alcohol drinking ad gene expression analysis: a computational approach.

The Joseph M. Russell award was presented to Nicholas Allred and William Bejarano, as described in a separate news post.

people at CAS Poster Session

More photos of the event are available in the CAS Gallery.