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Thomas Kwan

Thomas D. Kwan, M.A.

Email: thomas.kwan@rutgers.edu

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Thomas D. Kwan, M.A. is a full-time research assistant for Dr. Matthew R. Lee at the Lifespan Development and Addiction Recovery Lab in Rutgers University’s Center of Alcohol and Substance Use Studies. He earned a master’s in applied psychology from Rutgers University Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology in 2021. Previously, he earned a bachelor’s of science in psychology from Seton Hall University with a minor in Chemistry. While his current research focuses on the effects of drinking problems on health in different age groups across the adult lifespan, his broader goals are in clinical psychooncology and the recovery process for both patients and their families. Participation in Dr. Lee’s lab provides a broader perspective on possible effects on both physiological and psychological recovery from cancer. Thomas currently assists Dr. Lee with his grant work and has assisted on journal publications and presentations during his tenure in the Lifespan Development and Addiction Recovery Lab.