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Ian Frazier, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Fellow

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Dr. Ian Frazier obtained his Ph.D. in Behavioral Cognitive Neuroscience and Developmental Psychology from the University of Florida. During this time, his research focused on age-related changes in social decision making, specifically in decisions to trust others. With Dr. Natalie Ebner and Dr. Sara Jo Nixon as his mentors, Ian utilized various methodologies including neuroimaging (fMRI and EEG), acute oxytocin administration, and neuroeconomics. His present goal is to use those skills under the mentorship of Dr. Denise Hien and Dr. Teresa Lòpez-Castro to research social decision making in individuals with various levels of posttraumatic stress symptomology and substance use disorders.

Current Research

Investigating the behavioral and neurocognitive mechanisms of social learning and decision making in various contexts (e.g. non-clinical, alcohol use disorder, and posttraumatic stress disorder populations).


University of Florida College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Dissertation Fellowship

McKnight Brain Institute Training Enhancement Opportunity

Jacquelin Goldman Graduate Student Developmental Research Award in Developmental Psychology

Selected Publications

Frazier, I., Lin, T., Skarsten, S., Feifel, D., Cohen, R., Fischer, H., & Ebner, N. (in press). Age and Intranasal Oxytocin Effects on Trust-Related Decisions: Behavioral and Brain Evidence. Psychology and Aging.

Frazier, I., Lighthall, N. R., Horta, M., Perez, E., & Ebner, N. C. (2019). CISDA: Changes in Integration for Social Decisions in Aging. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science, e1490.

Price, J. L., Frazier, I., Lewis, B., Walker, R., Javors, M. A., Nixon, S. J., & Adinoff, B. (2019). Differences in pituitary-adrenal reactivity in Black and White men with and without alcohol use disorder. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 100, 180-189.


2020 PhD University of Florida
2014 MA Rutgers University
2008 BA New College of Florida


Recent Awards

Gerber Developmental Psychology Research Award

Institute for Learning and Retirement at Oak Hammock, Leighton E. Cluff Graduate Student Award for Aging Research