Noelle K. Jensen

Senior Project Coordinator
SMH 207A


Noelle Jensen is the Senior Project Coordinator for the Addiction Education program. She is responsible for coordination of the Professional Development Seminar Series,Summer School of Addiction Studies, and CAS' new professional development initiatives. In addition, she provides supervision and oversight to SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) providers as part of a contract with NJ State Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services. Noelle is a field instructor and supervises the social work interns at CAS. She is a licensed clinical social worker with expertise in working with individuals with substance use disorders. She has worked in both the Center of Alcohol Studies Faculty Practice and in the Clinical Division on several NIAAA-funded randomized clinical trials.

Selected Publications

1. McCrady, B. S., Epstein, E. E., Cook, S., Jensen, N. K., & Ladd, B. O. (2011).  What do women want?  Alcohol treatment choices, treatment entry and retention.  Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, 25, 521-529PMCID3178005


2. Cohn, A., Epstein, E.E., Hunter-Reel, D.,  McCrady, B.S., Green, K., Drapkin, M. & Jensen, N.  (2011). Clinical Presentation of substance abusers with primary and secondary major depression. Journal of Alcohol and Drug Studies, 72(1): 151–157 PMC3001677


3. Hildebrandt, T., McCrady, B. S., Epstein, E. E., Cook, S., & Jensen, N.   (2010). When should clinicians switch treatments?: An application of signal detection theory to two treatments for women with alcohol use disorders.  Behavior Research and Therapy, 48, 524-530. PMCID2871965


4. McCrady, B.S., Epstein, E.E., Hildrebrandt, T., Cook, S.C., & Jensen, N.  (2009).  A randomized trial of individual and couple behavioral alcohol treatment for women. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 77(2), 243-256. PMCID19309184


5. Graff, F.S., Morgan, T.J., Epstein, E.E., McCrady, B.S., Cook, S.M., Jensen, N.K., & Kelly, S. (2009). Engagement and retention in outpatient alcoholism treatment for women.   The American Journal on Addictions. PMID19444731  NIHMSID #  NIHMS30298


6. Epstein E.E., Rhines K.C., Cook S.M., Zdep-Mattocks B., Jensen N.K., & McCrady B.S. (2006).Changes in alcohol craving and consumption by phase of menstrual cycle in alcohol dependent women. Journal of Substance Use, 11(5),323-332.


7. Epstein, E.E.,  Drapkin, M.L., Yusko, D.A., Cook, S. M.,  McCrady, B.S., and Jensen, N.K.  (2005). Is Alcohol assessment “therapeutic?” Pretreatment change in drinking among alcohol dependent women. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 66 (3), 369-378..


8. Epstein, E.E., Labouvie, E.W., McCrady B.S., Jensen, N. & Hayaki, J. (2002). A multisite study of alcohol subtypes: Classification and Overlap of Unidimensional  and Multidimensional Typologies.   Addiction, 97, 1041-1063.


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