Faculty & Staff

Name Position Office
Ricki Arvesen Program Coordinator SMH 207
Marsha Bates Acting Director & Distinguished Research Professor SMH 221B
Patricia Buckendahl Assistant Research Professor SMH 103B
Jennifer Buckman Associate Professor SMH 222
Paul Candon Managing Editor, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs Smithers 111
Helen Castro Senior Manuscript Editor Smithers 111
Fiona Conway Postdoctoral Research Associate SMH 217
Denise Hien Director 221
Noelle K. Jensen Senior Project Coordinator SMH 207A
Melissa Johnston Research Assistant SMH 109
James Langenbucher Associate Professor SMH 221B
Mariwala, Jayshree Business Manager
Julie Morgano Senior Project Coordinator SMH 109
Eun-Young Mun Associate Professor SMH 225A
Stephanie Peeters Senior Administrative Assistant SMH 221A
Suchismita Ray Assistant Research Professor SMH 217C
Sabrina Todaro Research Assistant SMH 109A
Bronya Vaschillo Research Associate SMH 142
Evgeny Vaschillo Associate Research Professor SMH 142
Helene R. White Distinguished Professor SMH 205A/B
Lei Yu Distinguished Professor SMH 107