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Stuart Luther

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Stuart Luther is a WinR Addiction Advocacy Research Student Intern. He is currently completing his final year of a master’s program in rehabilitation counseling with a focus in clinical mental health counseling. Prior to joining the program, Stuart worked for 10 years as a non-profit professional, specializing in youth development and community outreach. He is especially proud of his work with youth on the Arizona-Mexico border, which, combined with his own experience with mental illness, inspired him to make a mid-career change to mental health counseling. Driven by a longstanding passion for equality and a firsthand understanding of minority stress, Stuart is focusing his master’s work on supporting underserved and culturally diverse communities both through mental health services and evidence-based research. He has contributed to research studies on substance use of individuals who identify as a sexual or gender minority and has worked as a subject matter expert for the New York Academy of Peer Services. Stuart is excited for this opportunity to serve those individuals in communities disproportionately impacted by the colliding COVID-19, opioid, and racial epidemics.