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Dr. Mateo Leganes-Fonteneau

Post-Doctoral Visiting Research Scholar

Office: SMH 138 

Email: mateo.leganes@rutgers.edu

Phone: 848-445-2301

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Mateo studied Social Work and Psychology at the University of Valencia (Spain), and completed a research internship at the Neurobiology Institute at the Jagielonian University in Krakow (Poland). He then obtained his PhD in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Sussex (UK) under the supervision of Prof. Theodora Duka and Dr. Ryan Scott, working on the implicit and interoceptive correlates of reward learning and addiction. He also collaborated in research projects on consciousness with Prof. Zoltan Dienes and on interoceptive processing with Prof. Sarah Garfinkel. In 2018 he joined the Cardiac Neuroscience Laboratory at the CAS as a Post-Doctoral Visiting Research Scholar working with Drs. Marsha Bates and Jennifer Buckman. He now focuses on the cardiac and bodily correlates of emotion, cognition, embodiment and addiction.

Current Research

  • Interoceptive and physiological mechanisms of alcohol use
  • Physiology, embodiment and emotion
  • Cognitive processing and cardiac psychophysiology
  • Cardiac mechanisms of embodiment

Selected Publications

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Cheang, Y., Lam, Y., Garfinkel, S., & Duka, T. (2019). Interoceptive awareness is associated with acute alcohol-induced changes in subjective effects. Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior.

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Nikolaou, K., Scott, R., & Duka, T. (2019). Knowledge about the predictive value of reward conditioned stimuli modulates their interference with cognitive processes. Learning & Memory26(3), 66-76.

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Scott, R., & Duka, T. (2018). Attentional responses to stimuli associated with a reward can occur in the absence of knowledge of their predictive values. Behavioural brain research341, 26-36.

Recent Awards

  Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies Annual Poster Session Best Poster by a Post-Doctoral Fellow Award