Laura Banu

Graduate Research Assistant
SMH 140


Laura joined the Center of Alcohol Studies in 2013 as a post-baccalaureate research assistant in Dr. Marsha Bates's Cardiac Neuroscience Laboratory. During this time she spearheaded a follow up study of post-college alcohol use behaviors and developed an interest in functional neuroimaging. In 2015, Laura was accepted to the Rutgers Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program as Dr. Bates's graduate student. She is currently working towards her Masters degree on a project examining resting state brain networks in young adults with major depressive disorder. Her research interests include psychophysiological, behavioral, environmental, and psychological correlates of substance use behaviors and their "conversion" (or not) to substance use disorders.


BA, Boston College Psychology, 2013

Recent Awards

2016, Mechanisms of Behavior Change Satellite Travel Award