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Dr. Jennifer Buckman

Associate Professor, Department of Kinesiology and Health, School of Arts and Sciences

Office: SMH 225B

Email: jbuckman@rutgers.edu

Phone: 848-445-0793

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Jennifer Buckman, Ph.D. is an active research scientist at the Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Health, School of Arts and Sciences, working as part of a team of researchers to study the automatic physiological processes that interfere with conscious experience and support maladaptive lifestyle choices (e.g., drinking more than intended).

Faculty Website

Cardiac Neuroscience Lab Site

Current Research

Experimental studies looking at how drinking interacts with otherhealth behaviors – like sleep, exercise, and cannabis use – to influencecardiovascular health.


2021-2026 Principal Investigator (Multi); National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA, NIH)

Characterizing mechanisms underlying the reciprocal relationship between sleep deprivation and binge drinking within the context of college life: This proposal seeks to understand how sleep problems and alcohol misuse during college can be used to identify risk for, and prevent the development of, alcohol use disorders.Multi-PI: A. Spaeth   

2018-2023 Principal Investigator (Multi); National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholosim (NIAAA, NIH)

Changes in Cardiovascular Control Mechanisms Related to Binge Drinking during College: The goal of this grant is uncover the cumulative effects of binge drinking on integrated cardiovascular processes over two years and identify quantitative cardiovascular biomarkers of early drinking-related injury prior to the onset of frank illness. Multi-PI: E. Vaschillo   

2017-2022 Principal Investigator; National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA, NIH)

Deconstructing the Temporal and Multi-Level Influences of the Baroreflex Mechanism on Alcohol Use Behaviors: This career awards will provide salary support plus research funds to examine the baroreflex mechanism’s temporal nature (in-the-moment versus across time) and multi-level influence on physiology, cognition, and behavior.


Selected Publications

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Bates, M.E., Pawlak, A., & Buckman, J.F. (in press). Alcohol effects on emotion, an interoceptive disruption? Phase I In Principle Acceptance of Registered Report. Drug & Alcohol Dependence.

Eddie, D., Price, J.L., Bates, M.E., & Buckman, J.F. (in press) Substance use and addiction affect more than the brain: the promise of neurocardiac interventions. Current Addiction Reports.

Bates, M.E., Price, J., & Buckman, J.F. (in press). Neuropsychological and biological influences on drinking behavior change. In Pathways to Recovery from Alcohol Use Disorder. Editors: K. Witzkiewitz and J.A. Tucker. Cambridge University Press.

Remchak, M., Piersol, K., Bhatti, S., Spaeth, A., Buckman, J.F, Malin, S. (2021) Considerations for maximizing the exercise “drug” to combat insulin resistance: role of nutrition, sleep, and alcohol. Nutrients, 13(5): 1708.

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Bates, M.E., Vaschillo, E.G., & Buckman, J.F. (2021). An interoceptive basis for alcohol priming effects. Psychopharmacology 238(6): 1621-1631.

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Buckman, J., Pawlak, A., Vaschillo, B., Vaschillo, E., & Bates, M.E. (2021). Interoceptive mechanisms of alcohol cognitive biases: Role of family history and alliesthetic components. Addiction Biology, 26(3): e12952.

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Buckman, J.F., Suzuki, K., Pawlak, A., & Bates, M.E. (2021). More than meets the heart: Systolic amplification of different emotional faces is task dependent. Cognition and Emotion, 35(2): 400-408.

Leganes-Fonteneau, M., Buckman, J.F., Islam, S., Pawlak, A., Vaschillo, B., Vaschillo, E.G., & Bates, M.E. (2020, Accepted, Phase I In Principle Acceptance of Registered Report). The cardiovascular mechanisms of interoceptive awareness: Effects of resonance breathing. International Journal of Psychophysiology.

Eddie, D., Bates, M.E., & Buckman, J.F. (2020). Closing the loop between heart and brain: A more holistic neurobiological model of addiction and addiction recovery. Addiction Biology, ePub Ahead of Print.

Bates, M.E., Mun, E.Y., Buckman, J.F., Vaschillo, E., Vaschillo, B., Lehrer, P., Udo, T., & Lesnewich, L.M. (2020). Getting to the heart of low sensitivity to alcohol: Context moderates suppressed cardiovascular adaptation to oral alcohol in persons with a family history of alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 44(3), 589-599.


2006 MBA, Rutgers University, Business
2001 Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburgh, Pharmacology
1998 PhD, Oregon Health & Science University, Behavioral Neuroscience
1996 MS, Oregon Health & Science University, Behavioral Neuroscience


Other Information

Director, Department of Kinesiology & Health’s Honors in Research Program
Cannabis: From Counterculture to Cure-all (01:377:360); Honors Research Seminar (01:377:480)


Professional Services

2019 – Present Co-chair, Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Advisory Committee, Society of Addiction Psychology
2019 – 2021 Member, Curriculum Commitee, Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences
2018 – 2019 President, Society of Addiction Psychology
2017 – 2018 President-Elect, Society of Addiction Psychology
2016 – 2017 Interim Director, CAS Division of Education and Training
2015 – present Assistant Field Editor, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and DrugsAssistant Field Editor, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs
2014 – present Editorial Board, Psychology of Addictive Behaviors
2013 – 2014 2014 Program Co-Chair, Collaborative Perspectives on Addiction Conference
2012 – 2013 2013 Program Chair, Society of Addiction Psychology
2006 – 2015 Treasurer, Society of Addiction Psychology