Faculty & Staff

Name Position Phone
Ricki Arvesen Program Coordinator 848-445-4317
Marsha Bates Distinguished Research Professor 848-445-3559
Patricia Buckendahl Assistant Research Professor 848-445-3590
Jennifer Buckman Associate Professor 848-445-0793
Paul Candon Managing Editor, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs (848) 445-3510
Helen Castro Editorial Secretary, Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 848-445-3510
Aruna Chadda Business Manager 848-445-3568
Fiona Conway Postdoctoral Research Associate 848-445-3595
Denise Hien Director
Noelle K. Jensen Senior Project Coordinator 848-445-4317
Melissa Johnston Research Assistant 848-445-9344
Julie Morgano Senior Project Coordinator 848-445-9345
Eun-Young Mun Associate Professor 848-445-3580
Stephanie Peeters Senior Administrative Assistant 848-445-2518
Suchismita Ray Assistant Research Professor 848-445-9391
Sabrina Todaro Research Assistant 848-445-9347
Bronya Vaschillo Research Associate 848-445-3643
Evgeny Vaschillo Associate Research Professor 848-445-9342
Helene R. White Distinguished Professor 848-445-3579
Lei Yu Distinguished Professor 848-445-0794