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A growing number of organizations and institutions are providing Internet access to their historical materials on alcohol/drug use in America. Below is a selected list of historical resources on the Web, some of which offer full-text documents and digitized images, while others provide access to bibliographic records through library catalogs and online databases. A few of these Websites provide contact and descriptive information (regarding collections and services) only.

Compiled by Penny B. Page, M.L.S. Information:alclib@rci.rutgers.edu

Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University

  • Special collections on Temperance Movement, Prohibition, and Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Archives of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence
  • Online finding aids available

Alcohol and Drugs History Society

  • International association of alcohol, temperance, and drug history scholars
  • Listserv, daily weblog, and journal (Social History of Alcohol and Drugs)
  • Links to other alcohol history sites and resources
Alcohol History Database
  • Bibliographic database of American Temperance and Prohibition monographs, pamphlets, and images
  • Materials housed at Center of Alcohol Studies, Rutgers University
American Beer: Glimpses of Its History and Description of Its Manufacture
  • Digitized version of 1909 book by G. Thomann
  • Located on website of The Brewery: Total Homebrewing Information
American Brewery History
  • Beer history library of online documents
  • Photo gallery on beer and breweries
  • Links to brewery sites and antique and collectible brewery advertising
American Memory Historical Collections for the National Digital Library
  • Digitized documents, images, and sound recordings from Americana collections (Library of Congress and other institutions)
  • Over 100 collections represented, many with Temperance and Prohibition materials
Anti-Saloon League Museum
  • Digitized documents and images from Anti-Saloon League
  • Selected items from World League Against Alcoholism, the Prohibition Party, and Lincoln-Lee Legion
  • Museum located at Westerville Public Library (Ohio)
Fitz Hugh Ludlow Hypertext Collection
  • Collection of works by and about F.H. Ludlow on marijuana use in mid-19th century
  • Links to documents on history of drug use
Hagley Museum and Library
  • History of American business and technology
  • Records of Association Against the Prohibition Amendment
  • Bronfman family papers and records of the Seagram Company
  • Other primary and secondary materials on Temperance and Prohibition
Illinois Addiction Studies Archive
  • History of addiction and treatment in America
  • Documents, photographs, other artifacts and memorabilia
  • Records not available online
Images from the History of Medicine
  • Images from the print and photographic collections of the National Library of Medicine (History of Medicine Division)
  • Includes images related to alcohol use in America
John Barleycorn
  • Full text of 1913 edition published by Macmillan
  • Included in collection of Jack London's works, part of Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE project
Making of America. University of Michigan
  • Digital library of books and journal articles on 19th century American social history
  • Full-texts of many Temperance and Prohibition-related documents
Prohibition Party
  • Sponsored by Partisan Prohibition Historical Society from Colorado
  • History and current information on Prohibition Party, candidates, and platform
  • Links to sites for Prohibition Party archives
Schaffer Library of Drug Policy
  • From the Drug Reform Coordination Network
  • Section on alcohol with digitized documents related to Prohibition
Temperance and Prohibition Web Pages
  • Maintained by the Department of History, Ohio State University
  • Summaries of historical events, images, full-text documents, links to related sites
Woman's Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
  • Brief histories and illustrations of Women's Crusade and WCTU
  • Photographs of WCTU presidents




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